FASTBRACES are an American-made dental technology that has straightened teeth for a quarter of a century. This dental technology is used in nearly 50 countries. Thanks to FASTBRACES, there is no longer any need to rely on traditional braces to straighten crooked teeth. Here's why.


Teeth have the potential to become crooked if they do not erupt properly. If your teeth come in sideways, tilted, improperly spaced or overlapped, it is time to take action. Our dentist at Loud Family Dental, Dr. Rodrick Loud, is here to help with FASTBRACES. This system is centered on the use of high-performance brackets systems that upright tooth roots from the start of treatment. This is accomplished with a single square wire, tipping and torquing. In fact, the bulk of the work required to apply FASTBRACES and straighten your teeth can be accomplished in the initial appointment.

All in all, the total treatment time for FASTBRACES TURBO SERIES will likely take 120 days or less. However, if you have a deep bite case, it will likely take FASTBRACES a bit longer to work its magic. Patients who are cooperative and follow the dentist's instructions are likely to enjoy straighter teeth sooner than those who neglect the dentist's advice.

Why FASTBRACES are Superior to Traditional Braces

Nowadays, most people shy away from regular braces as they take years to straighten teeth. There is no need to wait this extraordinarily long period of time when FASTBRACES are available. This system works much faster than other types of braces, especially the conventional variety people have relied upon for years. Conventional braces realign the teeth across two phases. The upper portions of the teeth are moved in the first year braces are worn. Roots are realigned the following year. It will likely take at least two years for regular braces to move teeth into the proper positions. The better approach is to use FASTBRACES to shift the full tooth all the way from the crown to the root at the same time.

Do not be deceived by the look of FASTBRACES. This dental device looks fairly similar to conventional braces yet provides superior results. The unique triangular bracket and system of wires used in FASTBRACES technology are uniquely designed to correct tooth root positions from the point in time at which you begin to wear braces. It might take as little as three months for FASTBRACES to straighten your teeth. At worst, FASTBRACES will require a year to straighten out wayward teeth. Though it might be hard to believe, some FASTBRACES patients have reported meaningful changes in mere weeks.

Candidates for FASTBRACES

FASTBRACES are a fantastic solution for an array of orthodontic issues. Whether your teeth are crowded, have other spacing issues, are crooked or if you have an overbite, you can benefit from FASTBRACES. This teeth-straightening solution is available for adults as well as youngsters.

FASTBRACES' Unique Bracket System

Wouldn't it be nice to straighten your teeth without having the dentist insert metal in your mouth? Choose FASTBRACES and this dream will be your reality. FASTBRACES brackets are not made of metal. These seemingly futuristic brackets are directly bonded to the surface of the teeth. This is quite the contrast to conventional braces in which brackets are square-shaped and the teeth gradually move in several stages. Why bother waiting years for regular braces to possibly straighten teeth when FASTBRACES can do it in half the time or less? This is possible partially because of FASTBRACES' triangular brackets. The space between brackets is minimized, allowing teeth to move toward one another that much quicker. This means each stage of treatment is completed in one fell swoop instead of across several stages.

Even the wires used in FASTBRACES are highly unique. Square wire permit that much more flexibility. Rather than constantly adjust the wires as is required with braces, the flexibility of wires used in the FASTBRACES system allows for a fluid movement of the teeth back into the proper positions. Do not subject yourself to the discomfort and annoyance of regularly adjusting conventional braces' wires! Choose FASTBRACES and you will enjoy superior results in a fraction of the time without the discomfort of traditional braces.

FASTBRACES are Surprisingly Comfortable

Ask anyone who has used regular braces about the experience, and they will testify braces are uncomfortable, obtrusive and annoying. FASTBRACES Technology has minimal frictional forces that reduce sliding friction and pain while fitting the front and back teeth to perfection. In fact, you do not have to wear a retainer for extended periods of time as required by traditional braces. Retention is still required with the FASTBRACES system yet a mere 15 minutes or so each day will suffice.

The bottom line is FASTBRACES straighten teeth so quickly that there is hardly any potential for them to wear down along the gums. In fact, FASTBRACES even prevents tooth roots from going through resorption. Resorption is a perfectly natural process for children, yet it proves destructive to adult teeth.

FASTBRACES are Safe and Affordable

Thousands of patients have benefited from FASTBRACES technology across the past couple of decades. The data gathered on these patients show this breakthrough dental solution is perfectly safe. FASTBRACES are in the mouth for less time than regular braces so there is a reduced chance of tooth decay. The icing on the cake is the fact that FASTBRACES are affordable. Though you will have to pay a decent chunk of change to benefit from this dental technology, it will not steal your free time.

FASTBRACES requires merely a couple of visits to the doctor's office. Fewer dentist visits results in less money spent on gas and less of your valuable time spent in the dentist's office. You can use the time saved to return to work, enjoy the company of your family or simply enjoy life. After all, your time is money.

If your teeth are crooked or misaligned, our dentist in Shreveport, Louisiana, can help with FASTBRACES or another solution. Reach out to us today to learn more about FASTBRACES and schedule an appointment.