Dental Implants Advantages

If you were to poll those who received dental implants about their experience with these artificial teeth, you would be inundated with praise. Alternatively, if you were to survey those who rely on dentures or another tooth replacement solution, you would likely be overwhelmed with negative responses. Though dental implants are slightly more expensive than some other tooth replacement solutions, they are worth every penny. Without further adieu, let's take a look at the many benefits of dental implants.

Dental Implants Function Just Like Regular Teeth

Dental implants are shockingly similar to regular teeth. Opt for dental implants as opposed to dentures and you will be able to eat every type of food, regardless of whether it is crunchy, sticky, chewy, etc. You won't have to worry about whether such foods will get stuck in your dentures as your dental implants will chew right through those sticky and crunchy food particles just as your natural teeth did before they were damaged, lost, etc.

Worry-free Tooth Replacement

Ask anyone who has dentures about the experience and you will find they have more than one complaint. As an example, denture-wearers constantly worry about their dentures sliding out of place. If your dentures are not properly secured when you talk, eat, laugh, etc., they might fall out, leading to an embarrassing situation, to say the least. Opt for dental implants and you will have no such worry. You can eat in full confidence at restaurants, speak at get-togethers, and open your mouth for any other reason without worry that your teeth will slip out. Dr. McRae a Las Vegas dentist adds that the peace of mind that comes from implants is one of the main benefits of dental implants.

Dental Implants Have a Natural Look

Dental implants resemble actual teeth. Take a moment to think about how different your life would be if you opened wide to reveal two full rows of white teeth that look amazing. You would be that much more confident, happier, and successful. Your dental implants just might help you land a new job, score a promotion at work, or make a positive first impression on a potential romantic flame.

Dental Implants Stop Bone Deterioration

Dental implants minimize bone deterioration, helping to preserve the natural structure of the face. In other words, dental implants function similarly to natural teeth in that they anchor facial bone in place and reduce the chances of bone deterioration through the process referred to as absorption. The last thing you want is for the lower part of your face to look smaller than it actually is. If this occurs, you will look much older than you actually are. Making matters worse is the fact that bone loss also has the potential to alter the cheeks and the lips to boot.

Maximize Your Confidence

If you are like most people with damaged, decaying, or missing teeth, you dread the idea of smiling, laughing, talking, or eating in front of others. Tooth problems ultimately cause anxiety, reduce confidence, and prevent people from being social. You should be confident enough to eat, smile, and laugh in the presence of others without worry about teeth aesthetics. Opt for dental implants and you will love the way your smile looks. This is the confidence-booster you need to feel good about yourself to the point that you do not even slightly hesitate to jump at the opportunity to interact with others.

Dental Implants are Made Well

Though dental implants are a bit more costly than some other tooth replacement options, they last that much longer than those alternatives. Dental implants have the potential to last for several decades. This is quite the contrast to dentures and dental bridges that must be replaced every five years or so. Even if you dread the idea of paying slightly more for dental implants, you should still opt for this tooth replacement solution as there is no need for replacement in a couple of years.

Why bother spending your time and money replacing dentures or another form of tooth replacement over and over when you can opt for dental implants that serve you well for upwards of several decades or even the rest of your life? As long as you take proper care of your dental implants, they will likely serve you well for 10-20 years or possibly even longer. In the end, you will agree with the rest of our patients who opt for dental implants that this breakthrough tooth replacement solution is well worth the minor investment.

Comparably Easy Care

Dental implants are remarkably easy to take care of. Similar to natural teeth, dental implants should be flossed and brushed every single day. The only other cleaning necessary is the potential for the use of a water flosser to delve below any artificial gums connected to the implants. Clean your dental implants as you would your normal teeth and you will greatly reduce the chances of plaque building up and causing an infection. The alternative is to rely on dentures that must be removed in order to be cleaned. Unfortunately, dentures must soak overnight for a thorough clean. There is no sense going to such trouble when the comparably low maintenance dental implants are available.

Even if you are slightly concerned about the cost of dental implants, consider the time commitment of dentures as opposed to dental implants. Opt for dental implants and you won't have to worry about heading back to the dentist's office over and over for adjustments as is the case with dentures. Furthermore, there is no risk of dropping and breaking the dental implants as often occurs with dentures. The comparable convenience of dental implants is worth every penny and then some.

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